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My extremely haunted home.

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Arthur O. Hadley, son of Charles Fenwick Hadley and Martha Owen Hadley, was born January 22, 1860, the oldest of four children. His father and mother were pioneers of Rose Township, having taken the land from prospectors who had taken land from the government.
Arthur Hadley spent his entire life on this farm with the exception of a few years away from school. The farm was known as Pine Terrace Farm. Arthur’s mother died in 1872 and his father in 1877. In 1881 he married Isabelle E. Hall of Springfield Township. To them were born four children: Bertha M., Charles L. Erwin, and Arthur H.
Clarence Gordon remembers monthly gatherings at the Hadley residence when he was a child attending the Seaver School. He was impressed with the inlaid cherry woodwork; marble mantelpiece on the fireplace and the extensive care the owner took building this home.
The present owners are Ghost Hunters Robert and Heather Woodworth.
We just love this home so much but it does have many spirits still hanging around this home! Our first day in the home a guest seen a tall man dressed in a black suit walk right by her as she was sanding the wall. Many of our guests have reported seeing a lady in a long floral dress standing in the pantry and then walking towards the upstairs. Our guests have also reported seeing a little girl coming down the staircase and walking threw the upstairs bathroom mirror that’s on the back of the bathroom door.
My husband came home late one day from work and he see a shadow running as if it was trying to hide, he thought this was me trying to scare him so he played along, he quietly hide behind the same wall waiting for me to jump out but to his surprise no one was there and I wasn't that shadow. He also woke up to find our daughters bedroom light on that he had shut off before he went to bed and that our daughters bed was moved into the middle of the bedroom!
I myself have been nudged in the back on and off at times. And I also have heard my name being called while I am on the computer. One day around 1:00 a.m I was sitting on the porch just relaxing and I heard loud footsteps from behind me but when I looked no one was there, this happened two times that night.
Our babysitter heard a doll talking from the toy box saying "Mommy hug me, let me in, please let me in" but when she emptied the toy box she could not find a toy that talked.
She has also heard a baby crying the same cry that my daughters have heard, they followed the crying to find no baby.
When lights are turned off in the home they are turned back on, when doors are closed they are open later, sometimes when your sitting at the kitchen table the door will just open in front of you! I just tell them "sure just come on in!"
There was one occasion when my husband was using the restroom and the door opened up half way then shut he also noticed feet walking by from under the door he assumed that it was me until he heard me talking to our kids from down stairs! He went and opened the door to find no one there!
All of us here always feel like were being watched and glared at constantly especially when were outside. I have felt the presence of someone standing right over my shoulders when I was raking up leaves and that I must admit did scare the crap out of me pretty bad!
There was this one night me and my husband threw a bonfire party, I was standing by the fire before our guests have gotten there and I noticed a young boy around the age of seventeen sitting on an old chest that we have been using for a chair. He had his hands just resting on this lap and was sitting in a hunched over position just staring at me peacefully, I stared back at him in shock he then evaporated into the air like fairy dust!. That same night our guests have seen him on occasions and were having conversations with him not knowing that he was an actual spirit! They finally realized this when he kept disappearing on the guests in the middle of their conversations.
We love having spirit's hanging out with us now we just need to get our guests to feel the same.

Written By: Ghost Hunter Heather Woodworth 8-28-01

UPDATE: Me and my husband have divorced and sold the home. My new husband spoke to the new owner about a year after, the new owner claims his girlfriend couldn’t stand the haunting there it was too scary for her to handle so they broke up. He claims he don’t see too much but if he brings any date home they get a good scare every time to where they will not ever return.

Ectoplasm showing in the form of a mans face.

Orbs outside of the house.

Young ghost girl below second banister up.

Bright orb on vacume, coffe table and archway.

Orbs outside above the well.

Ectoplasm face from outside of the house.

Bright orb on china cabnet.

Bright orb in my bedroom on my bubbler.

Moving orb near tree trunk.

Orbs and ectoplasm outside of the house.

What the house looked like when I lived there.

Womans face top left corner of mirror, you might need to zoom on this.


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