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Dictionany Of The Paranormal

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GHOST:  Someone that has once lived a life here on earth. Theory is that they chose to stay behind for many possible reasons such as unfinished business, not knowing they have passed on, or which could be possible there isn't a heaven "that killed me to just type that by the way", there could also possibly be this middle world that’s mixed up with ours and is only visible to certain people, an energy that keeps replaying like a movie.

DEMONIC SPIRITS:  Black, red and gray looking apperations or vortex’s that appear in photographs. I got this information from simply studying other paranormal research groups. Personally I don’t think this is true because of a color. But you never know... this is what we are trying to find out for you.

VORTEX:  Is a worm or snake like smear that's usually bright in a photograph. They’re extremely hard to catch in a photograph!!! They are believed to be transportation from their realm to ours.


ECTOPLASM:  Looks like swirling smoke or fog and most paranormal researchers believe that it's a ghost or spirit in manifest. Other theories are that it could be a ghost or spirits residue or it could be electro magnetic energy from the earth.

MANIFEST:  Is a ghost or spirit taking a form of a half or full bodied visual apperation.

APPERATION: Is to see a ghost or spirit in full form as a person in their time.

PORTAL:  Is a spot where ghosts or spirits travel from there realm to ours is considered a door way, this spot will feel very cold.

LUNAR CYCLES:  Are charts that show when the moon is in a certain cycle its gravitational pull is strong enough to change the energy level in the electro-magnetic field of the earth which can have an effect on ghostly energy. This chart is important to paranormal researchers being as it tells us what days are most active and will be worth going ghost hunting.

EVP:  Is anything not from our world. E.v.p is electronic voices caught on tape.

ORBS:  Are balls of light that can be seen with the visual eye but are mostly just seen in pictures and night vision videos they are believed to be spirits that choose to take on this form because it takes less energy yet I've also learned from Silvia Brown that orbs are angels, so thats something to ponder on....

ELEMENTAL GHOST SRIRIT:  Is the most feared spirit. People that are dealing with kind of ghost
, spirit have the feeling of dread and fear it carries a horrible odor and can physically touch you it usually shows itself to the person as a decomposing corpse and is usually just attracted to people that play around with black arts. The Element spirit is believed to have suffered a horrible death and wants to seek revenge.




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